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It's a digital world and at Patheon we know the web inside and out. Our years of experience with email servers and gateways allows us to recommend the most cost effective and flexible system to meet your needs.

The Internet can be a dangerous place with hackers, spyware, and virus attacks. Let us bulletproof your email system with a firewall and anti-virus software. We will install an Internet access to fit your specific business needs including dedicated high-speed connections including Cable, wireless and fiber connections.

We partner with local and national service providers including Spectrum and AT&T Fiber to handle every aspect of setting up your connection to the Internet. An initial setup charge and a low monthly fee are all that is required. Contact us today to discuss what options will best suit your business.

MS 365 Online Systems

MS 365 online systems include local and Internet email, group scheduling, calendars, contact lists, task management, and public shared folders all in one program. It greatly simplifies, streamlines, and improves communications within your organization and gives everyone the ability to communicate in many different ways.

The details of these features are numerous and can be customized in many ways to fit your particular business processes. Please give us a call at (920) 453-0369 or contact us and we'll be happy to discuss how a groupware system will help your business communicate more effectively.

Spam Filtering

We provide various spam filtering options scaled to fit your business and your budget. They are locally administered and sized to meet your needs. We only support products we use ourselves.

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