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At Patheon Consulting, we offer Remote Data Backup Services to small- and medium-size businesses. With our Remote Data Backup Services you will never have to worry about losing your data again.

Cloud Backup

Have you ever felt the pain of losing valuable data that you can never replace?  Are you running a business that needs your data files backed up automatically, everyday, at a location other than your business premises, at a low price? We have cloud backup services that meet your needs.

Remote Data Center Backup

Our cloud backup systems adhere to both HIPAA and SOX compliances. The data backup has secure data transfer and storage to a SAS-70 Type II, Tier3+ Data Center.

We architect our data backup network through a comprehensive, multi-level, multi-location backup process on RAID devices, all of which exceed industry standards.  Our system security policies guarantees your data integrity against all levels of failure. Our software completes a nightly back up your data automatically to our servers. Please contact us to get more information on our Remote Data Backup Services.

Automatic Transfer

The remote backup service automatically transfers the remote backup data at the same time every evening for consistency. The system will also notifiy our technicians of any backup and transmission failures. To avoid potential data loss, Patheon Consulting retains an extensive log of all backup transmissions.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Patheon Consulting's Remote Backup service gives your company a reliable plan in the event of crisis or natural disaster. Our system protects all data against fire, flood or other natural disasters that may occur at a customer location. Should your company's data or system be compromised in any way, Patheon Consulting's Remote Backup Service securely maintains your data and provides access to customers for full data recovery.

Remote Service

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