Patheon Consulting

Quality Name Brands

Name brand hardware and software is all we use to ensure your systems will run smoothly and receive high-level support when needed. Please feel free to contact us at (920) 453-0369 to discuss your needs.

Hardware & Software

From basic workstations to high-powered CAD/CAM stations, Patheon Consulting can provide you with the computers your business needs to operate at peak efficiency. We also sell, install, and maintain printers, digital imaging equipment, network faxing systems, communications hardware, CD/DVD-R/RW's, and just about any kind of computer peripheral you may need.


Tech Services

Patheon Consulting offers a wide variety of technical services including disaster recovery, telecommunications, virtualization, project management and consulting, and brand-name hardware/software equipment.

Disaster Recovery

It’s vital to build a comprehensive plan for disaster recovery before your organization faces costly, business-altering decisions in the wake of a crisis. We will help your organization put a formal, comprehensive disaster recovery solution in place to help ensure continuous business operations. It makes no difference whether you outsource or manage your own primary IT systems on your own premises. Our disaster recovery services:


At Patheon Consulting, our professionals provide quality leadership, systems design, and systems integration services for small to medium size offices. We work with local providers to assist with design, project management, and construction management services to our clients.


What is Virtualization? It is creating a virtual version of either computer hardware, network, operating system or storage. It reduces licensing costs, maintenance fees and utility costs since no server room is needed. If offers short- and long-term savings because you will have fewer assets, systems and facilities to support. It doesn't matter what platform you have or where you are located. functions across all platforms and locations. Your staff will have more effective streamlined collaboration and information sharing which reduces security issues and regulatory compliance.

With over 30 years of IT experience, Patheon Consulting understands how to maximize virtualization opportunities and provide consummate services and support.

Benefits of Virtualization

Project Management and Consulting

Consulting services we offer include: hardware upgrades, vendor selection, custom solution development and management.

Certified engineers and technicians at Patheon Consulting are experienced in working with manufacturing, distribution and inventory control, financial accounting, medical labs, order process and invoicing, legal firms, and environmental engineering. They can set up Wide Area Networks (WAN), Microsoft Exchange Servers, LAN cabling, and telecommunications systems.

We will be happy to meet with you to discuss how we may be able to assist your organization in implementing a technology solution. Call us today at (920) 453-0369.